No compromise.

OE competence for Asian vehicles.

Asian vehicles set the global standard for quality and reliability. With Nisshinbo, you can enjoy the braking to match.

Nisshinbo brake friction is engineered in Japan, to the highest OE specification demanded by Asian vehicle manufacturers.

Every Nisshinbo brake pad is the result of a rigorous development and testing cycle. Featuring advanced material formulations and unique product design,
Nisshinbo delivers the ideal combination of braking performance, comfort and reliability.

It’s an investment in quality and innovation that makes Nisshinbo the largest supplier of OE friction to Asian vehicles – and the number one choice when you want a like-for-like replacement.

+++ COVID-19 UPDATE +++

Dear business partner, dear visitor,

The serious situation with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) across the world has lead to a number of protective measures put in place by government agencies, health authorities and medical advisors.

As a company with global activities and reach, we are working closely with all authorities to implement the required safety measures. This means that our business activities and our service levels potentially could be impacted, despite our best efforts to minimize the effects to our customers.

At this time, all TMD manufacturing and distribution sites are operational and continue to provide regular services to our customers. All orders are served in line with the order confirmations provided by the TMD organization.

We are monitoring the situation closely to protect our customers, our employees and their families and are currently setting up systems to enable off site work for as many employees as possible.


For our customers this means:

Contact to TMD:

Please use your normal communication methods. Phones and other communication platforms remain open to all customers.

Limitation of visits and meetings:

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, all TMD employees are instructed to avoid customer visits and onsite meetings (including trainings, trade events, etc.) and instead use online meeting systems, phones and emails to support our customers.

Visits to TMD facilities, factories, test centers, warehouses or offices are postponed until the authorities in the relevant location allow such visits.

Order placement:

There are no changes in our ordering processes. Our order management systems and processes are not affected by the implemented safety measures. Our customer service team can be reached via the normal contact channels during normal business hours.

Handling of goods:

We have implemented protective measures in our handling processes, ensuring that TMD staff interaction with external personnel and goods are limited to widest extend possible. In cases where transport is impacted, for example closed national borders, the TMD supply chain team will support on a case by case basis.

The situation is very dynamic and we strive to react on any new development as quickly as possible.

Should you have any questions, please contact your TMD business partner.

Asian braking for Asian cars.

A different angle on performance.

Unique diagonal slot.

Nisshinbo brake pads feature a diagonal slot, designed to ensure optimal strength, flexibility and consistent performance, together with outstanding noise reduction.

  • Strength and flexibility – the optimal degree of thermal expansion to prevent stress and surface cracking.
  • Noise prevention – Diagonal design evenly distributes the contact between the pad and disc minimizing noise and judder effect.

The shape of quieter braking.

Nisshinbo J-chamfer.

Brake pad chamfers have a key role to play in reducing brake noise. The unique profile of the Nissinbo J-chamfer leads to longer lasting noise reducing properties of the Nisshinbo brake pads.

  • Unique J profile – Only available with Nissinbo brake pads for Asian vehicles.
  • Super-quiet – Specifically designed ‘curve’ reduces squeal, during bedding-in and throughout the working life of the friction material.

Formulated for the future.

Low Dust – Ceramic – Low Noise

The energy efficiency vehicles of tomorrow are being driven by ever-more complex technology. Developed through advanced materials expertise, Nisshinbo NAO formulations are trusted to deliver the braking performance and environmental qualities demanded by world leading car manufacturers.

  • Sustainable performance and comfort – Advanced low dust, low noise NAO formulation, with no compromise in braking effectiveness throughout the friction lifespan.
  • Consistent stopping power – Tested to provide braking you can rely on 100%.
  • Long lasting quality – A new generation of NAO material, engineered for excellent wear characteristics and maximum replacement intervals.

Quality. For every requirement.

Nisshinbo brake discs and brake shoes.

Nisshinbo brake discs are precisely tailored to our brake pads to achieve the perfect braking result. The Nisshinbo brake disc range is manufactured in strict accordance to O.E. tolerances and meets the ECE R90-requirements.

For rear axle applications Nisshinbo brake shoes provide optimum performance and safety.